Update: Recertification Cycle Revisions and CEU Reporting Domains

Revisions to Previously Published Implementation Date for Recertification Cycle Revisions and CEU Reporting Domains

The recertification timeline cycle changes and new CEU domains that were previously published to become effective on November 1, 2018 have been delayed by the Certification Department at AHIMA to ensure strategic alignment and an effective, error-free implementation. The previously published information was approved by the Commission on Certification of Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) and allowed for an individual to report in the CEU Center (starting on 11/1/2018) using either the new domains or under the existing domains until 12/31/2019. The revised plan will be to use only the new domains starting on 1/1/2020.

A message is being sent to the Component State Associations, posted on Engage, and included in the next issues of Certification Connection, Academic Advisor, and AHIMA Advantage to reflect this revised implementation timeline. Additional communications will be distributed throughout the year leading up to the 1/1/2020 implementation date. A crosswalk mapping the new domains that will become effective in 1/1/2020 to the current domains is also attached for your convenience.

The proposed revisions that were previously announced about the recertification timeline (changes related to the grace period and revocation period) are also being delayed and require additional evaluation by AHIMA and CCHIIM. After the re-evaluation, if changes are to be made, a communication plan will be developed and used to ensure an appropriate notification process and timeline are followed. Thank you for recognizing the importance of AHIMA certifications and the value they bring to the healthcare industry. Please contact Yolanda.Bender@ahima.org should you have any questions about this issue.