What is Health Information?

Health information is complex, nuanced, and ever-changing. An electronic signifier of identity, its integrity is as essential as a fingerprint, or social security number.

The data that comes with every healthcare experience—every conversation, knee tap, and blood draw—generates essential information that can significantly impact our personal and collective wellbeing. The responsible collection, protection, and analysis of health information allows practitioners to provide effective care, innovative economic engines to run, researchers to make life-saving discoveries, and individuals to maintain good health.

Because of its uniquely-human characteristics, the proper management of health information requires a diverse range of expertise and a deep understanding of a space that is in constant evolution. AHIMA-certified professionals keep health information human. Our credentials are proof of our commitment to staying informed and up to date in the subtleties of this critical resource.

  • Health information is human information.
  • Health information drives innovation.
  • Health information impacts wellbeing.