7.0 CEsDay 1 – Sept 30
7.0 CEsTotal

September 30, 2022

8:00am – 9:00am

Managed Care Contracting

1.0 hr   Revenue Cycle Management   

9:05am – 10:05am

Putting the ‘Patient’ in Patient Portals

We hear a lot of talk about consumer engagement, empowering patients and providing access to information, but there are still many hospitals that refuse to leverage their patient portal to its maximum potential. The patient portal is a tool for patients, not for hospitals, and it needs to be designed, marketed and updated with the patient in the center.

1.0 hr   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security   

10:15am – 11:15am

Updates to the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines FY 2023

The attendee will learn about current changes and updates to the official guidelines for ICD-10-CM as related to coding.

1.0 hr   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

11:20am – 12:20pm

Make a Case for Information Governance

Information Governance is one of those phrases people throw around a lot because it sounds good, but few really can explain what it is or why it matters. Come and learn what Information Governance really is, real-world examples of why it’s important, and ways you can start your journey at your own institution.

1.0 hr   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   

12:20pm – 1:20pm


1:20pm – 2:20pm

HIPAA Hustle

In this session, Amanda Wilwert will help you dance your way through the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. This session will focus on the Office of Civil Rights’ (OCR) enforcement and compliance actions and highlight lessons learned from those actions including a focus on breach and incident response. This session will also cover HIPAA’s Right of Access rules with a specific focus on responding to a patient’s request for records vs. a subpoena. Finally, the session will discuss record retention and destruction requirements.

1.0 hr   Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security   

2:25pm – 3:25pm

KHA Advocacy Update/Hospital Activities

KHA will provide an update on advocacy, data, and other relevant efforts that the association is pursuing on behalf of Kansas hospitals.

1.0 hr   Evolving Topics   

3:25pm – 3:35pm


3:35pm – 4:30pm

Differentiating Dementias

This presentation explores the clinical evaluation of dementia and the cognitive assessment tools we use. Profiles of common dementias will be discussed and the associated neuropsychiatric symptoms will be addressed.

1.0 hr   Clinical Foundations   

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