Scholarship Deadline


Applicants must complete and submit the electronic application form, electronic verification of enrollment form, and electronic reference form by October 31st. Applications received after the deadline will NOT be considered.

Eligibility Requirements

A.   Applicants for KHIMA Scholarships must be a member/student member of AHIMA and KHIMA, and be a full or part-time student in his/her last year of studies at one (1) of the following programs:

1. HIA Program at the University of Kansas
2. HIT Program at Washburn University
3. HIT Program at Hutchinson Community College
4. HIT Program at Neosho County Community College

B.   Applicants for the Sue A. Malone Scholarship must meet the criteria listed under that section.

All Applications Must Include:

  • Applicant must request two (2) letters of recommendation be submitted by the deadline via the electronic Recommendation Form found on the KHIMA website. The letters of recommendation should be submitted by an employer, academic counselor, directed practice supervisor or a professional contact. Persons serving as references should be knowledgeable of the applicant’s character and ability. The applicant is responsible for providing the electronic Recommendation Form link to the person selected as reference.
  • The electronic Verification of Enrollement form must be completed, signed and submitted by the program director by the deadline.
  • Applications will be available electronically via the KHIMA website format. Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) should be included. HIA students should include the summer (last year) semester grades. HIT students should include the spring (last year) semester grades. Graduate students should include their last semester’s grades.

General Information and Purpose


A. KAREN SCHUVIE Scholarship
Karen Schuvie, RRA, was an outstanding member of KHIMA, who passed away suddenly in March, 1986. She was active in the organization by accepting several offices, including President-Elect, President (1983), immediate past President and first year director. She also served on the following committees: Public Relations, Nominating, Budget, Ways and Means, and served one year as the KHIMA publication editor.

At the time of her death her family designated her memorial to be used to provide financial assistance to individuals wishing to pursue a career in the health information management profession.

At the request of the family, KHIMA agreed to manage the money and to determine who would receive assistance. In 1986 the memorial was established as a loan fund but in 1991 a scholarship award program replaced the loan fund.

KHIMA Scholarships are to provide financial assistance to individual pursuing careers in health information management.

The Sue Malone Scholarship was established in 1995 to provide scholarship funds for professional enhancement of Health Information Management professionals.


The Kansas Health Information Management Association (KHIMA) has established a scholarship award program to grant recognition and financial assistance to outstanding students pursuing their potential as health information management professionals.




KHIMA shall grant up to four (4) annual scholarship awards for undergraduate studies, one of which will be named the Karen Schuvie Scholarship, in an amount to be determined annually by the Executive Board of Directors.

These scholarships will be awarded to a student enrolled in each of the HIM schools in Kansas as well as one scholarship to any KHIMA member who is enrolled in an accredited HIM program. If there is not a qualified applicant from each Kansas school, the committee members have the right to award the scholarship to the next best qualified applicant regardless of the institution.



KHIMA shall grant one (1) annual scholarship award in an amount to be determined annually by the Board of Directors. The scholarship shall be for higher level education and limited to:

i. RHIT progression students (to RHIA)
ii. RHIA for Masters or Doctorate in Public Health, Law School, Business Administration, Public Administration, or any other applicable degrees for HIM profession.


KHIMA shall grant one (1) annual scholarship awards for graduate studies, in an amount to be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

Selection Process


The KHIMA Recognition Committee will be responsible for reviewing all applications and making recommendations for award recipient.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following:

A. Scholastic achievement as per their GPA.

B. Leadership potential via officer or student representative in organizations, honors and awards, presentations and publications.

C. Social consciousness via membership in organizations, volunteer activities, etc.

D. Knowledge of, and commitment to, the health information management profession via evaluation of students’ completed application, employment in the health information management field and AHIMA membership. Written communication skills will also be evaluated.

E. Degree of professionalism via evaluation of recommendation letters.

Notification of Award


The individuals selected will be notified by the Recognition Committee. The Office Coordinator will send the scholarship check to the recipient prior to Annual Meeting. The scholarship award recipients will be listed on the KHIMA website. A letter will be sent from the Recognition Committee to all applicants who did not receive an award, prior to the Annual Meeting. If, for any reason, the scholarship award recipient(s) fails to complete his/her education in the HIA program, HIT program, or the Graduate Program they are enrolled in, he/she must repay the scholarship award within one (1) year of date when no longer enrolled.

Previous Winners

Sue Malone Graduate Scholarship
2019Jacqueline Entzminger
2018Jacqueline Entzminger
2017Korianne Kaleikini
Karen Schuvie Scholarship
2023Larissa Cooper
2022Mallory Morton
2021Jennifer Snyder
2020Elliott Conklin
2019Thomas Skoch
2018Brice Plein
2017Heather Rozean
KHIMA Undergraduate Scholarship
2023Julia Yarnell
2021Shelby Ramsey
2020Bethany Anderson
2019Heather Hodge
2018Mariah Duff
2017Stephany Cushing