Call for 2021 AHIMA Nominating Committee Candidates

This year, Alabama through Missouri CSAs (those CSA’s names that are alphabetical between Alabama and Missouri) are eligible to submit a candidate for the 2021 AHIMA Nominating Committee.

It is the job of the Nominating Committee to select the best candidates for president/chair-elect and director for the AHIMA Board of Directors, speaker-elect of the House of Delegates, and commissioners for the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM), and the council members for the Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) from many qualified candidates. Members will consider each potential candidate’s leadership skills and record of commitment to AHIMA’s mission.

The Nominating Committee’s activities are strictly confidential. The Nominating Committee members are not to indicate preference for any candidate except on their own ballot. Below are the requirements and qualifications to be considered for the AHIMA Nominating Committee. If you would like the KHIMA Board to consider submitting your name on behalf of Kansas, please submit your biography, along with your reason of interest, to ( by April 14th.

This candidate meets the minimum requirements of the Nominating Committee member:

1. Served at least two (2) years on the CSA Board of Directors as an officer

2. Familiarity with HIM professionals throughout the country

3. Proven leadership and governance experience

Additional preferred qualifications:

1. Served another organization’s national or state Board of Directors (American Hospital Association, AAPC, HIMSS, Red Cross, etc).

Other requirements:

A member can’t serve in another elected CSA or appointed National role when serving on the Nominating Committee.

On your candidate’s resume, the candidate must list all volunteer experience with AHIMA and other associations so that the Nominating Committee is able to evaluate the candidate’s experience.

1. Big picture person
2. Non-biased person/open mind
3. Nimble/flexible mind
4. Approachable person
5. Inclusive/respect peers
6. Empathizer
7. Change agent
8. Presence
9. Think on feet
10. Intellectual composure
11. Effective communicator
12. Savvy marketer
13. Positive/upbeat
14. Team player
15. Respect staff
16. Passion for AHIMA
17. Ability to delegate
18. Personal integrity
19. Strong analytical and critical reasoning skills
20. Ability to analyze and evaluate financial information
21. Leadership or management experience
22. Legal or financial experience
23. Service on other boards (experience)
24. Sound judgment and decisiveness