Succession Plan

KHIMA has put a Succession Plan in place to ensure the continuance of strong leadership in the KHIMA organization. This plan helps KHIMA identify potential members with the skills needed to become the future leaders of KHIMA. By introducing Succession Plan Members to the KHIMA Board processes, serving on a committee, and reviewing the bylaws, strategic plan, and policies and procedures, we hope to nurture potential leaders into strong future leaders to ensure a smooth transition of KHIMA leadership.

We are calling for nominations/volunteers to be Succession Plan Leaders.

Attributes of Succession Plan Members are:

  • Good communicators
  • Strategic and critical thinkers
  • Team players
  • Ethical
  • Proactive and responsive
  • Presents a professional image
  • Ability to attend several sessions for leadership throughout the year

Benefits of becoming a Succession Plan Member are:

  • Gaining a state or national perspective on issues facing the profession
  • Sharing your view and experience with peers
  • Enhancing your leadership skills and abilities
  • Strengthening your professional network
  • Becoming more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers
  • Establishing new personal friendships that last a life-time

If you or someone you know has the attributes we are looking for, please complete the form below to nominate them/yourself as a Succession Plan Member.

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